Investments and Financing Advisory

  • Utility & Municipal Revenue Management Solutions

    Watershed Capital consulting Services utilises a robust and internationally acclaimed utility asset management systems and solutions aimed at enabling Utilities to manage the following:

    • Asset management
    • Smart meter reading
    • Billing
    • On-line vending

    Our operating strategy is centred on building win –win scenarios on revenue collection, mobilisation and traceable assets for the Municipalities and Utilities

    Please CLICK to see our Watershed Utility Management Brochure

  • Infrastructure Advisory & Development Finance Master Class Programmes

    We utilise our research capabilities to empower our Client base build a sustainable infrastructure base that can attract funding for infrastructure projects that will bring economic growth in the long term. The research is aimed at building stakeholder awareness, engagement and collaboration around issues impeding infrastructure development and sustainable growth. Through the research, we are able to identify:

    • The challenges
    • Bottlenecks
    • Appropriate solutions at cost –effective
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